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Hundreds of thousands might be watching their PyeongChang power play.


What is the historical past of curling?


The origin of curling traces again to 16th century Scotland, the place the sport was played on frozen ponds and lochs. The primary recorded match came about around 1541: a Scottish notary recorded a problem between a monk at Paisley Abbey and a relative of the abbott. Scottish immigrants spread the sport to North America: the first Canadian curling club opened in Montreal in 1807, and the primary American membership appeared in Pontiac, Mich. in 1828. The Royal Caledonian Curling Membership in Scotland, the so-called "mother club" of curling, wrote the primary official curling guidelines in 1838.


Curling first appeared as a medal sport at the 1924 Olympics in Chamonix, France. Solely the males held a tournament, and Great Britain gained gold (your complete team was Scottish). Curling made five appearances as an Olympic demonstration sport — in Lake Placid in 1932, Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 1936, Innsbruck in 1964, Calgary in 1988 and Albertville in 1992 — before the sport was added to the Olympic program in Nagano in 1998. Since 1998, Canada has gained three Olympic golds in curling on the men’s side — together Stone Island Outlet with the final three — whereas Switzerland and Norway every received one. Each Canada and Sweden have earned two women’s gold medals in curling; Nice Britain received the women’s gold in 2002.


Olympic curling stones weigh between 38 and 44 pounds; the granite is harvested from Ailsa Craig, an island off the west coast of Scotland that resembles, from a distance, a curling stone.


How do you play curling and what are the foundations?


A key driver of curling’s enchantment is its relative simplicity. Though the sport may have unfamiliar phrases, and thus seem sophisticated, it’s actually pretty easy to follow.


A curling match consist of 10 ends, which are equal to innings in baseball. In every finish, the four players on each groups alternate throwing stones. The lead throws first, followed by the second, then the third — or vice-skip — then finally, the skip. Each of the four players on the competing groups throws two stones per finish, for a total of 16 stones. The "skip" is a very powerful participant on the crew. The skip not only throws the final stone in an finish — which frequently determines the scoring — but also directs the overall strategy.


To execute a shot, a curler pushes a foot off the hack, a bit of rubber akin to a beginning block. The curler slides throughout the ice, or sheet, to the hog line, and Stone Island Outlet Online must launch the stone earlier than it touches the line. The stone then heads for the home — the world with 4 concentric circles on the opposite side of the sheet that loosely resembles a dartboard. The home is the scoring area.


How does curling scoring work?


Just one team can rating during a curling finish. The crew with the most stones closest to the curling bullseye — the button — is awarded points. So if, after 16 stones are thrown, Workforce A has a stone proper on the button, and Staff B has a stone a couple of ft off the button, Workforce A scores a point. If Crew A had one stone on the button and a stone just a few feet off the button, while Workforce B had a stone on the outer edge of the house, Staff A scores two factors.


The team that fails to attain in an finish gets the hammer, or the advantage of throwing the last stone, in the following finish. If no stones stay within the home after an end, no factors are awarded: the crew with the hammer in a scoreless, or clean, finish retains the hammer in the next end. The staff with the most factors after 10 ends wins the match.


What’s with the curling brooms?


After a curler throws a stone, his or her teammates will often begin sweeping the ice in front the stone as it glides down the ice. Why is sweeping the exercise that requires the most exertion in this particular Olympic sport? Physics! The sweeping warms the ice and reduces friction, allowing the stone to travel farther and straighter. Depending on the trail of the stone and its intended goal, a team’s skip will instruct the opposite curlers to either start sweeping like a teen whose dad and mom are returning residence early to an illicit house party, or to carry their brooms.


What’s new for curling on the 2018 Winter Olympics?


A mixed doubles tournament! Olympic organizers have added a mixed doubles curling occasion to the PyeongChang program to complement the men’s and women’s competitions. Blended doubles curling teams include simply two gamers — a lady and a man — as an alternative of the standard 4 players per staff. Matches are eight ends long, not 10, and the two players alternate throwing 5 stones per end instead of eight: one participant throws the primary and final stones, while the other throws the second, third, and fourth rocks.


Combined doubles provides a wrinkle. A sixth stone for every workforce isn’t thrown, however set on the ice before the start of the tip. The stone of 1 staff is positioned in the midst of the ice, guarding the house, whereas the other team’s stone is ready within the home, close to the button. The group with the hammer decides the place the stone is positioned; if the crew locations its Stone Island Shop, visit the next web page, because the guard, nonetheless, the other workforce will get to take the last shot of the top.


Once per sport — however not in tie-breaking "extra ends" — the mixed doubles crew with the hammer can resolve to train a "power play." In the ability play, the pre-positioned stones are shifted to the side.


In a perfect world, would curling energy plays involve broomstick fighting and a penalty field like they do in hockey, relatively than shifting rocks round? In all probability. However a extra genteel sport will do just effective. Mixed doubles scoring is the same as the normal curling sport. The team with the most stones closest to the button earns the points in that finish.


How are folks reacting to curling to date this yr?


Curling doesn’t get a lot of air time or publicity exterior of the Olympics. So for many who aren’t already a part of the curling group and fanbase, it can be fairly a journey from discovery to obsession every 4 years when the sport finally will get its moment within the solar. This 12 months isn't any exception. From those that find the sedate tempo soothing to those who're befuddled by the foundations, here’s how viewers are reacting this 12 months to their reintroduction to curling.


I am really Pumped watching the Winter Olympics. I am watching occasions I by no means thought I'd watch earlier than, like curling. You heard me, curling Idiot!


— Mr. T (@MrT) February 11, 2018


Every 4 years I've a passionate affinity for curling.


— Casey Cott (@CaseyCott) February 12, 2018


That is the primary time I’ve ever requested this query … does anyone know what channel curling is on?


— Scott Stricklin (@ScottStricklin) February 13, 2018


Actually all of us who have by no means performed a recreation of Curling in our lives through the Winter Olympics: "Our boys have to guard that heart line if they are not gonna hit the button. Higher start sweeping with urgency."


— Lucas Eubank (@lucaseuspank) February 13, 2018


Me: I'd somewhat pokes pins in my eyes than rise up at 5 a.m. on a Tuesday.
Also, me: (after setting 3 alarms for five a.m.) Begin THE CURLING ALREADY!


— randy turner (@randyturner15) February 13, 2018


the Olympics are good because individuals say issues like "he was once the unhealthy boy of curling" they usually're being totally critical


— DL (@davelozo) February 12, 2018


Olympic curling appears like an old spirit pal. I watch. I listen. Spellbound. An hour passes. And i have no idea what just occurred.


Olympic Curling Stones Come From A Scottish Island Linked To Open Championship

Curling is the darling sport of the Winter Olympics.


Every four years followers turn into transfixed by athletes that appear to be us sliding and curling 40-pound rocks down a 50-yard ice track with often laser-like precision.


Those stones spend quite a lot of time banging into each other and but they rarely break. It seems that is due to where they come from, the tiny and distinctive Scottish Stone Island Outlet Online Shop (published here) of Ailsa Craig, higher referred to as the gorgeous backdrop island for the Ailsa Course at Turnberry, the Scottish golf course owned by President Donald Trump. Turnberry has hosted the Open Championship four instances, most lately in 2009.


Maddie Stone Island Italia Meyer/Getty Photographs
In line with the BBC, the granite used in all curling stones comes from one among two locations, the island Stone Island Outlet Shop of Ailsa Craig or a quarry in Wales. For the Olympics, all stones are made from the Ailsa Craig granite.


The start of the 220-acre island island was a bit of an ideal storm that led to one thing extraordinarily uncommon — granite easy sufficient to be predictable on ice and strong sufficient to withstand banging into different large and heavy stones.


Michael Easter of Scientific American described what makes the stone so particular:


The stones' efficiency traces back to the island's formation about 60 million years ago. Ailsa Craig is a volcanic intrusion—a mass of magma that pressured its means up between current formations—explains John Faithfull, a geologist at the University of Glasgow. The magma then cooled comparatively quickly to form granite, and the encircling rock eroded away, "leaving just the very resistant arduous mass of Ailsa Craig poking up out of the water," Faithfull says.


Because the volcanic rock crystallized, it developed a strong, uniform floor. "When magma cools rapidly, it creates very small crystals. These ones interlocked, and chemical bonds developed between them," says Martin Gillespie, a geologist on the British Geological Survey. "It also doesn't appear to have any microcracks," he says of the granite.


This led to the formation of three kinds of granite on the island, two of that are used to make curling stones. Blue hone granite makes up the layer of the stone that glides on ice and customary inexperienced granite is used for the middle layer that strikes other stones.


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Whereas the Laginas start to power up for a new assault on the treasure hidden beneath Oak Island, a new theory about the money Pit has been revealed. Joy Steele, in her book, The Oak Island Thriller Solved, has supplied an attention-grabbing thought. In accordance with her, there isn't any treasure, by no means had been, and the alleged Money Pit is nothing more than a tar kiln, used within the early 18th century to supply materials to repair ships. And, given what has been discovered on the island by the Laginas and a few of those others, this does make some sense.


Based on the historical past, back in the early eighteenth century, the British acquired their naval shops from Sweden which apparently included tar. However that provide was reduce off and the Stone Island Sale British regarded to their colonies in the brand new world to substitute that source. They induced colonists in the Carolinas to create the tar kilns because of the dense pine forests (Can you say Tar Heels?). It would seem on my quick analysis that they built dozens of those kilns within the Carolinas, however it appears additionally they built them up and down the east coast of North America.


The question turns into, "Would they have built tar kilns on Oak Island?"


I've discovered that pine trees are thought-about resinous trees, however oaks will not be. They don’t produce resin when cut or "injured" which makes them good for furniture, cabinets and hearth wood. Pines do produce the resin which may be rendered to tar which makes them dangerous for furniture and hearth wooden.


Would the British have established a camp on Oak Island and used it to produce tar? Well, oak bushes aren’t any good for that, but there are pine bushes in Nova Scotia. Would Oak Island have been a place where the British would construct these kilns even if the pine trees weren't in abundance on the island?


We all know there was a British camp on the island. That was established by these guys the Laginas brought in and who, using metallic detectors, found British coins and other debris that instructed a camp. So, there was a British presence on the island that predates the discovery of the money Pit. And remember that the residents of Nova Scotia reported seeing lights on the island within the early eighteenth century.


I don’t know all that much about crusing ships of the eighteenth century, but it would seem that docking at an island for repairs might need been easier than crusing all the strategy to the mainland (and yes, I do know it’s not all that far, but the tides and depth of water might have made it somewhat problematic). That may additionally clarify the artificial nature of that swamp that the Laginas are all the time making an attempt to drain, would possibly explain some of the debris discovered in the swamp, and would possibly explain why some believed that a ship had been scuttled in the area. It might might also explain the synthetic beaches, the coconut fiber and the alleged coffer dam.


I additionally know that a few of you may say, "Yes, however what about that stone with the strange carvings found ninety toes down in the cash Pit?"


I'd say, "I believe that was created as an inducement for promoting inventory in one other try and penetrate the money Pit. They may say that they had found this plaque proving that there was an enormous fortune only a few toes down. Buy inventory in my company to get well it." I would observe that no treasure has been discovered a few toes below where it's the alleged Stone Island Outlet Shop ( was discovered.


There are these out there who will complain about this debunking of the money Pit, however I have to say that you must observe the proof. The Laginas have offered some of that proof from their searches. They have discovered coins on the floor, have pulled iron nails out of the swamp that counsel they'd been utilizing on crusing ships, and they have discovered proof of a lot of tunnels… however they have found completely nothing to suggests there is a treasure hidden anyplace on the island.


Stone Island Archivio ‘982-‘012 thirtieth Anniversary E book

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Scenic Drive: Amelia Island to Jacksonville, Fl, with Pics
Up to date on March 24, 2013 Holle Abee moreContact Creator Amelia Island Florida to Jacksonville
We have visited Amelia island Florida on numerous occasions. Generally we go for an extended weekend, but most of our journeys have lasted for one or two weeks. It is a lovely space, and that i find it soul-soothing. I love the ocean and just about every part associated with it: marshes, beaches, tidal creeks, islands, moss-draped oak timber, and rivers. Nothing beats driving alongside the shoreline with the windows down, respiratory in the invigorating salty air and soaking in the pure surroundings. Some of the lovely drives I’ve found is the thirty miles between Amelia Island Florida and Jacksonville, along A1A, or First Coast Freeway.


Traffic alongside this route is almost nonexistent because most people are in a hurry and choose traveling on I-95. I wonder if they know what they’re missing. Leaving Amelia Island, you drive by means of a number of miles of maritime forests, with a superb probability of viewing native wildlife.


Whenever you reach the tip of the island, you cross the Nassau River Bridge. You’ll discover a lot of fishermen on the previous bridge and alongside the seaside, and generally you’ll see people on horseback trotting along the shore.


Quickly after crossing the large bridge, you’ll cross tidal creeks, together with Simpson Creek and Sawpit Creek. Both have expansive marshes. The world seems like a sea of waving grasses reduce by the dark lines of the meandering waterways. In case you cross at low tide, you’ll see quite a few grey oyster mounds alongside the banks.


You’ll additionally cross sand dunes and pristine beaches utterly devoid of individuals, lodges, or another traces of mankind. You’re bound to surprise why in the heck this space hasn’t been developed. Then you’ll provide a silent thank you that it hasn’t.


Just off shore to your left, you’ll pass the barrier islands of Big Talbot and Little Talbot and their extensive, sandy beaches. Within the hotter months, a couple of people are always on the beach, fishing.


A lot of the waterways you cross alongside the way in which will probably be shallow, and if the wind has been coming out of the northeast for a number of days, the water will be clear and have an exquisite blue-inexperienced tint. If, nevertheless, the winds have been from the south, silt from the St. John’s River will muddy the waterways. I’ve witnessed the water along this trek when it seemed just like the Caribbean, and I’ve also seen it a grayish brown. Many of the instances, it’s someplace in between.


Farther south, you’ll cross more tidal creeks and cross previous bait shacks, a number of of which have been the topics of my paintings. Typically you’ll see several males wading within the shallows, pulling a seine net. I all the time want to stop to see what they’ve caught.


Quickly, you enter again into civilization at Fort George Island, dwelling to Fort George Island Cultural Park. Cease for a nature Stone Island Italia walk, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, or exploring the shell mounds made by indigenous people 7,000 years in the past. Another great place to see right here is Kingsley Plantation, an antebellum farm where you can explore the plantation home, the slave quarters, the barns, the kitchen home, the waterfront, and the gardens. Close by are the Fort Caroline Nationwide Memorial, the Timucuan Indian Preserve, and the historic Ribault Membership.


There’s a great restaurant at the St. John’s River referred to as the Sand Dollar, in case you occur by at mealtime. Should you cease for a chunk, sit on the riverfront deck. Chances are you’ll view playful dolphins and myriad ships and boats plying the waters. It’s also time so that you can decide whether to catch the car ferry to Mayport or drive over the Dames Point Bridge. I recommend the ferry.


The ferry crosses the St. John’s River, carrying you the short distance to the shrimping village of Mayport. Here, you’ll discover the historic Mayport Lighthouse and the Mayport Naval Air Station. If you have time, treat yourself to a tour of the lighthouse and the naval station.


On the highway once more, you’ll soon enter the outskirts of Jacksonville and Heckscher Drive. Take a couple of hours to discover the fascinating Jacksonville Zoo, positioned on the banks of the Trout River. It has a strolling safari, botanical gardens, and over 1,500 animals. Youngsters will love the prepare, the carousel, and the interactive exhibits.


If you’re ever on this neck of the woods, overlook the interstate. Decelerate and benefit from the magnificent scenery and historical past!


Check out the pics beneath!


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sendingJicotea Kinsella 3 years ago from Jacksonville, FL


Great pics!


Judy Specht 6 years in the past from California


Breath-taking photos. Would love to go to Florida, it has been approach too lengthy.


AuthorHolle Abee 7 years in the past from Georgia


Thanks, Sofs. We love Amelia Island!


sofs 7 years ago


Beautiful picture and a picturesque description. Enjoyed both!


By no means been to Florida??? Girl, ya gots to go!


prettydarkhorse eight years ago from US


lovely habee, never been to Florida, Thanks, Maita


Take the drive, Ehern. Highway Trip!! Yay!


I agree, Bpop. I hate flying!


Test it out subsequent time you enterprise north, Lily!


ehern33 8 years in the past


Great pics! Left me wanting for more..


breakfastpop 8 years ago


Truthfully, I believe street journeys are the way to go now. I might hand over flying perpetually! Beautiful hub, habee.


Lily Rose eight years ago from East Coast


I like road journeys! Have not been on one since my youngsters had been born, though - not sure if I'm ready to dare that just yet, besides to go to Disney World in a number of months. As we're in South Florida, I may have to recollect this hub when I'm able to enterprise up this manner - it sounds lovely!


AuthorHolle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia


It is def one among my favorite spots, HH!


Howdy, good day, eight years ago from London, UK


This have to be so lovely to be there. Thank you for exhibiting it, habee.


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In the fashionable era of 24X7 work environments, defined by way of the limitless pursuit of capitalism, most of us are continually looking out for a trip to our dream place, like Zanzibar holidays, where we will loosen up and get pleasure from with our household and associates with out having to fret about schedules all the time. Nevertheless, when it actually comes down to that defining moment once we get that a lot awaited trip, we find ourselves getting stuck with the identical run of the mill vacationer destinations. Zanzibar holidays comes as a splendid respite from all the crowded and so known as well-known vacationer destinations, which whereas exploiting their vacationer attracting benefit lost their true essence and heritage.


Zanzibar holidays, or Zanzibar safari as it's popularly referred to, are a truly exhilarating African journey providing delightful natural surroundings, uncommon wild animals and lovely beaches that rejuvenates the soul. Zanzibar is a combination of two large islands viz. Unguja and Pemba, and a group of few smaller ones. Situated some 25 miles off the coast of Tanzania, along with the popular Kenya safari, the idyllic beaches of Zanzibar make up for a tremendous travelling expertise.


Spice Island


The Zanzibar holidays within the isolated and nonetheless unexplored island of Zanzibar might not be as common as the Kenya safari that attracts thousands of travellers every year, however this reality cannot be used to undermine the scenic and adventure potential of Zanzibar. The island of Zanzibar is nicknamed the Spice Island of Africa as a consequence of the huge promoting of spices and cloves that goes on in the Zanzibar markets.


Whether a traveller is on his honeymoon, trying to find an adventure, out along with his family or in search of peace and serenity, Zanzibar holidays would supply something and every thing that a traveller anticipate from his dream paradise vacation spot. The island of Zanzibar has various Stone Island Outlet heritage websites to supply as effectively contemplating its wealthy historical past of commerce relations with Arab countries. Actually the capital of Zanzibar, Stone Island Outlet (click for info) City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site entailing various historic sites capturing the essence of this lovely island's history.




As far as the accommodation options for a tourist are concerned, Zanzibar holidays score equivalent Stone Island Shop Italia to some other in style tourist vacation spot. The island of Zanzibar offers a lot of resorts and accommodation options. The tourist can choose both a cheap, but resourceful and exquisite, and inexpensive possibility or a luxurious personal island getaway, whichever matches the dimensions of his pocket.


The Magnificence Awaits You


Daily would carry with itself a new thrilling journey that would final for a lifetime. An exodus of Kenya Safari and Zanzibar holidays would become a truly fantasy-turned-into-reality vacation and would redefine the parameters on which widespread vacationer locations are evaluated and opted for.


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The kitchen is a room in which a lot conversation is made, nice meals is cooked, and company are seated. It’s a standard room that deserves attention when redesigning an inside of the house. There are appliances to choose, fixtures, and decorations galore!


Kitchen appliances make the kitchen solely. The kitchen is for cooking food, and without the most recent meals appliances, it’s laborious to run a tight ship. This means buying one of the best in refrigerators, as an example. An older refrigerator is of beige design that is dull and boring. New fashions have brushed steel and sleek black surfaces to select from, in addition to amenities reminiscent of water dispensers and ice makers.


The kitchen island is a phrase used to describe the sectional table that's current in most kitchens. This desk will typically have a stove high, dining space, and typically a sink relying on its measurement. The kitchen island is the focal level of the kitchen, so it ought to be designed with good counter tops and accompanying bar stools. Don’t overlook low hanging lights for a extra intimate feel to the island.


Stoves no longer need to use pilot lights or gritty steel designs so as to cook meals. Newer stoves are constructed into the design of the counter or island and have glass surfaces. The good thing about a glass surface is that it could possibly heat specific areas of the stove and forestall hearth hazards. Electric stoves are also more efficient than older fashions, have much less clutter, and allow home house owners extra choices in kitchen spacing and design.


The flooring of your kitchen may probably be your biggest spend. A nice ground is expensive, but that will depend on the diploma of elegance you might be in search of. A pleasant hardwood floor is the most effective method to go, as they are somewhat inexpensive, look nice, and are simple to wash. You'll be able to splurge by having granite, marble, and Stone Island Shop Italia floors. Simply keep in thoughts they are often cold to the contact in months that are colder than regular.


The strategy to get essentially the most value for your cash on a small finances is to put cash in direction of enjoyable kitchen devices. Make your kitchen thrilling for children by adding a slush machine or a cotton candy machine. Spend money on a digital faucet to see how much water you're using. You can even install one thing cheap equivalent to a light dimmer to present your kitchen the flexibility to create totally different moods.


Closing Feedback


Interior design brokers could assist you in your designs when you don’t have a degree within the art of constructing, designing, and shopping for supplies for a very good value. Interior design brokers can also coach you to do the work your self for a modest payment- look in your area for references of agents which can be finest educated.


Learn more on interior design Stone Island Outlet Shop events and kitchen furnishings.